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We have years of experience in roof painting. Our deep knowledge of the different types of roofs, you can be sure we will know how to work on your property for the best results. We use only the top of the range products to ensure your roof remains in great condition for many years to come.

Giving your roof a fresh coat of paint will not only brighten up your house, it will prolong the life of your roof. It will also help you save money in the long run. If your roof’s colour is beginning to look jaded or if it is leaking or showing other signs of damage, it’s time to invest in roof restoration.

Metallic roofs on houses near the Coral Sea coastline are prone to corrosion caused by the oxidation and the salt present in the humid air. Within a few years, your once pristine roof may start to suffer discoloration. Roof tiles may begin to crack and break if they are left unattended.

At Mackay Roof Painters and Darren Smith Painting, we have a reputation for attention to detail and quality workmanship. We have the expertise and know the right products to use to restore your roof to its former glory.

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Why You Should Paint Your Roof

Investing in beautifying your roof is a good idea for more than just the improved aesthetics. Some of the roof painting benefits are:

Why Choose Mackay Roof Painters?


We have spent several years painting residential roofs from Lake Gardens to Golden Point. You can depend on us for a beautiful, long-lasting finish that will withstand anything the Mackay climate will throw at it. You’ll be choosing the right roof painters when you work with us. 

Quality workmanship:
We pride ourselves in paying attention to every last detail in every step of the roof painting process. Before we begin painting we undertake extensive preparations to guarantee the longevity of the paint job.
Qualified professionals:

With us as their roof painters Mackay property owners will have the comfort of knowing their job is being handled by a fully licensed and accredited contractor. In addition to guaranteeing you a high quality finish, we uphold industry health and safety standards in every project we undertake. 

Professional paint job:
In addition to having a brand new roof, your home will be spick and span by the time we’re leaving the site. There will be no debris from the roof, splashes of paint or any other blemishes on or around your house.
Uncompromising customer service:
From the sending of the initial quote to the commissioning of the new-look roof, we kept the project transparent. Every query you have will be promptly and courteously handled.

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Roof Painting and Restoration Process

When to Do Roof Restoration

Here are the telltale signs that will let you know it’s about time you start setting up a budget for tile roof restoration.
A well installed roof should typically last at least 20 years. After this the roof may start developing problems such as cracking and leaking recurrently. In some cases such issues crop up even before the roof has reached its 15th year.


If you notice sagging from the inside or externally, your roof needs the attention of a roofing expert. Should the sagging be clearly visible from a distance, you should consider restoring your roof urgently.

Peeling paint:

Peeling roof paint could be a sign that corrosion is eating at the tiles beneath. If you notice corrosion or peeling paint on your gutters or the roof itself, you need to bring in expert roof painters Mackay residents trust to assess the full extent of the damage and begin restoration.

Damaged tiles:

Cracked or broken tiles create channels through which leakage can occur, causing further damage to the roof itself and the ceiling boards. Running water seeping through the ceiling can stain the interior or exterior walls, necessitating extensive repainting.

 vInspecting your roof every two years is recommended so that you can nip any problems in the bud. Carrying out an inspection after a heavy storm will also help you ascertain if the roof suffered any damage.

Roof inspection is risky without the right equipment or the know-how to accomplish the task safely. It is therefore advisable to bring in qualified professionals in roof restoration Mackay homeowners trust like Mackay Roof Painters. Besides being able to conduct roof inspection safely, we will know what to look out for and how to address any issues we find.

Exterior House Painting Mackay

After roof painting is complete, you may want to give the rest of your house a touch-up so as to give it a uniform new look. You won’t need to look further for professional painters Mackay residents trust to repaint gutters, garage doors, walls or even wood decking. We have the products and the expertise to complete the makeover.

You won’t need to call another contractor if corrosion and peeling spreads from your roof to the gutter and causes the fascia boards and soffit to rot. Even if the boards have developed mildew, we can get rid of it and prepare them for repainting. If your walls have suffered substantial damage as a result of water leaking onto them, we will replaster and repaint them to the highest standard.

For even better results, we can give your home a complete exterior paint job from top to bottom. This may prove to be a more cost-effective solution for you in the long run.



The timeframe for roof restoration is dependent on a number of variables. The weather, the type of paint to be used and the type of roof you have all determine how quickly the job can be completed.

When it comes to roof painting Mackay homeowners should know there’s no fixed price; each project is likely to have a unique cost depending on a couple of factors. Besides the size of the roof, you need to consider if the building has more than one storey. The condition of the roof will also determine the cost of restoration. Feel free to contact us for a free quote.

Without regular roof cleaning Mackay homes will easily accumulate algae and mildew because of the humid climate.